Make Wellness Goals Authentic

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Wellness goals go beyond the writing down of what you wish to achieve by a certain time or date.  Goals dig deeper than that.  Soul Centered Goals-  are not fixed and tangible goals but goals which feed your soul.  These goals are not what your parent’s have in mind for you, or what your partner wants you to achieve , neither are these goals their to please any one else- except you.

If you make a fixed intention then can will achieve any goal- because you will do or have nothing to stop you in achieving this goal. But are FIXED intentions good? Perhaps it’s time that we women ease up and finally give ourselves the break we deserve.  Let’s just have intentions with flexibility.

By making these goals flexible that is taking baby steps to achieve them or in some situations allowing a plan B- we are not so hard on ourselves and much more forgiving. We allow ourselves to gently grow and thrive into our goals as a process- true to our own nature and authentic selves. By choosing goals that energize us instead of draining us – goals that make us FEEL GOOD we can best achieve our wellness and health goals.

Here is an exercise to help you to discover your wellness goals. The sample is using the power habit of “Move” but any of the power habits can be used in this scenario.

1.  Think about what activity or sport you loved as a child. Write them down here and circle those you enjoyed most. Don’t forget dancing, hula hooping or climbing trees!

2. From those you circled write down how they made you feel. Take a moment to close your eyes and be there and feel that emotion.

3. What was most exciting about this sport- was it the environment, the team-work, the competition, the play factor? Record why you liked that sport in relation to how it made you feel.

Now think of a sport which is similar to that which you could do today. Don’t forget to include he fact that there are clubs everywhere for biking, climbing and running.  Perhaps your goal will include a vacation around this sport in case you cannot get to it on a regular basis.






How it Made

me Feel

What I liked

about it

Similar Adult Sport



Dance Free Twirling


You may not be running a marathon to feel good- you may be hitting the yoga studio on Saturday mornings to clear your mind, heal your heart and also get a good work out.






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