2013 Nutrition Trends: Consumers care about weight, taste and food labels.

Consumers and nutrition info

Consumers get their nutrition info from Food Facts labels

How can companies best communicate nutrition to consumers? Reading an article in this months Journal of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics by Betsy A. Hornick et al entitled : Is it Time to Rethink Nutrition Communications? A 5 Year Retrospective of American’s Attitude toward Food, Nutrition and Health highlights the following food for thought.
1.WEIGHT CONSCIOUS: Consumer research finds that weight is a primary reason why consumers make dietary changes.
Consumers need to know their calorie requirement and know that “calories do count”.
2. CALORIE DENIAL: In a recent survey only 12% estimated their calorie needs . 12% overestimated and 51% underestimated how many calories their bodies needed.
3. FAT or FICTION: Consumers need to know more about fats and more specifically  types of fats. They do know about trans fats.
4. SWEET NOTHINGS: What about low calorie and artificial sweeteners? This is an up and coming trend.
5. LETS TALK FOOD NOT NUTRIENTS: Trends move away from talking about specific nutrients to instead looking at overall foods.
6. INFO FROM FOOD LABELS: The Nutrition Facts (labels) are used by consumers mostly for calories. Sodium is being read more now too.    6/10 Americans use the Food Facts Label to guide their choices.
7.TASTE IS KING: What influences consumers to buy? Taste influences most then price, convenience and healthfulness. Price and convenience have seen growth due to hectic lifestyles and economics.
8. SUPPORT AT HOME: Most people get health support from family and friends.

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